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RPG, MMORPG & RTS - Gaming community

RPG, MMORPG & RTS gaming community for single and multi player games

Today, I have migrated forums from IPB to Xenforo. While I am still working on it some things may not work so please bare with me. If you notice any errors please let me know.

If you have any suggestions feel free to let us know!

We from RPGgaming forum wish all our members a merry christmas and happy new year.

Site News Forum Update
Login: I have updated forums so that users can directly login through their Steam, Facebook, Twitter, etc accounts.

Quote System: I have updated Quote System on forums.

Moderator: As many of you have noticed welcome to our new moderator DJ.

Their are couple of other miscellaneous enhancements and you will notice it as you will use forums more :)

That being said soon I will go through feedback section and add things as required!

Site News Quotes System
I have added Quote System on forum through which you can submit your favorite quotes.

We are looking for staff and news editors for our forums. Basic criteria required:

Min 200 posts required for being staff/moderator and then you can apply. 200 posts make sure, you know what you are doing and it gives us enough time to know you.

For news editor, you need to actively submit new news.

We are also looking for members who are expert in making signatures and GFX. They will be added to our GFX group. :D
Site News New skin added
I have added new skin called carbon blue on forums. From the drop down menu, you can change it.

Logo needs to be fixed. I will fix it later.
Site News Board Updated
I have updated the board to the latest version which will fix couple of reported issues .

We have also added few new sections for different games and general talk. I will be also adding facebook and twitter login by this week.

I will post in this topic, once I start adding new things :wub:

If you like to suggest new things please use our feedback section.

Thank you.
Hello all,

I would like to mention again to our new users. You can directly login on RPG Gaming forums, if you have previously registered on Fearless Assassins forums.

Just login directly with the username and password which you are using on Fearless Assassins forum. ONLY register on this forum, if you haven't registered on Fearless Assassins forum.

This way you can keep your same username and passwords on our both forums :p

If you get problem getting activation or notification emails, please PM on this forums or contact me on admin@fearless-assassins.com

Thank you,
Welcome to our new forums. Forum is still in development phase, so please bare with us. There are many new features compare to our old forums, so feel free to explore them.

Enjoy your stay.