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Dragon´s Dogma Dark Arisen | trailer

Discussion in 'Entertainment Movies / Music / Videos / TV Shows' started by DJ aka GDR DJ, Jan 25, 2013.

  1. DJ aka GDR DJ

    DJ aka GDR DJ don't ask, i know nothing Staff Member Staff Member

    from the press release

    Dark Arisen will introduces a new subterranean area with new enemies. • A massive new underground realm to explore featuring over 25 terrifying new enemies More skills/equipment/augments: Level 3 Skills DD: DA provides each character class with a new tier of skills, giving players new devastating abilities and skills to master Over 100 pieces of new equipment All new high level weapons and armor sets for players venturing into the underground caverns 14 new character/Pawn augments New tiers of equipment enhancement Increased character customization options Item appraisal Option to select Japanese voice over


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