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Endless WoW trial up to level 20

Discussion in 'World of Warcraft' started by Koiranpentu, Jun 28, 2011.

  1. Koiranpentu

    Koiranpentu New Member

    What do you think about this?

    Source: http://www.pcgamer.c...ess-trial-mode/

    Personally I like this idea. Even those people who don't have much time can play trial now longer than they had normally. However I don't know has the current trial this kind of level limit. Active gamer could easily level their character more than 20 levels in the current trial. As a good thing I'm sure even more people will get WoW trial now because they can test every class they want and level those to level 20. Maybe it will be easier to get friends to WoW now. :D
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  2. zuthus

    zuthus New Member

    When I played WoW I enjoyed very much. Personally it's a good idea and will attract more people to actually play it, people will get addicted and actually buy it for level up more :D. I stopped playing WoW it was affecting my social life, family times and I was getting fat. For luck I stopped and I don't regret that :lol:
  3. 3BlackMagic

    3BlackMagic New Member

    What can you even do up to lvl 20? i got up to lvl 8 then my trail ended :D
  4. Koiranpentu

    Koiranpentu New Member

    I can easily level from 1 to 20 in a day if I start in the morning. :D
  5. Artisan

    Artisan New Member

    I think it was limited to 20 even when it was based on time. I remember questing and not gaining any xp xD
  6. General

    General New Member

    Yes, it was always limited to 20, But now you can do all the shit you want lol! Play w/ ur friend Forever. Just become lv 19 twink, limited? :D
  7. martijn195

    martijn195 New Member

    Sounds good, finaly u can do more things.. and test thing more out, I learned the game by the trail but it didn't push me to play, because much things you don't know as trail.. but now i think its better for new players,
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  8. MoAZeR

    MoAZeR New Member

    The game is very addictive i play it but not that much only if i get a lot free time :wub:
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