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Face of Mankind

Discussion in 'Other MMORPG Games' started by DJ aka GDR DJ, Apr 14, 2013.

  1. DJ aka GDR DJ

    DJ aka GDR DJ don't ask, i know nothing Staff Member Staff Member

    Face of Mankind is a sandbox action mmorpg in a single persistent universe. Thousands of players throughout the universe co-operate, compete or co-exist in a realistic and futuristic world of the 24th+ century. The skill and luck of the players from rival factions change the balance of power. Players have full control over their gaming experience by creating their own rules, faction hierarchy and story. The objective of the game is to evolve your character to its ultimate potential, whether that is the accumulation of wealth, power, social status or all three.

    System Requirements
    Windows XP/ Vista
    2.0 GHz processor
    512 MB RAM
    32 MB 3D VGA card with Hardware T/L support (GeForce4 or better)
    5 GB of free harddisk space

    official website

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