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Minecraft Guide to Minecraft

Discussion in 'Collection of Essential Guides' started by kristy, Aug 7, 2011.

  1. kristy

    kristy New Member

    First of all, you need the game.

    1.) Go to this site-->http://www.minecraft.net/
    2.) Register in the top right corner. If you plan to become an op-that is, have the ability to give yourself materials, change the time, and other cool stuff, I suggest you make your name rather short.
    3.) You need to buy the game next-Click the orange button that says "Buy Now." The really big orange one.

    Alternatively, if you have a game code, enter the code where provided.
    4.) You're all set! You can either play in the browser or you can download it and play it outside of the browser. Personally I like the browser because you can hide it much more easily from prying parents (like mine), but it's entirely up to you.

    Next, it's time to play the game.
    We have a server for anyone who likes to play. You can find the IP (It may change later if there are problems with the server) here: http://rpggaming.net...d__581#entry581
    The latest IP you see is the one currently in use.

    You can pretty much do whatever you like, except we have one ground rule.
    Absolutely no griefing. Griefing is where you destroy other peoples' building/creations. They may have spent several days building it, and put in God knows how much effort, time, and thought into it. It's simply not nice. Even if you hate the person--Don't. Do. It.
    Don't do it, or you will find your privileges lost.

    If you would like to be an op, as I explained earlier what it was, PM me your ID and I will make sure you become one.
    Op commands found here: http://www.minecraft...Server_commands
    Data values found here: http://www.minecraft...iki/Data_values

    To begin:

    You need to have the right tools. You need at least a sword and a pickaxe to survive. Learn how to make one here: http://www.minecraft...t/wiki/Crafting
    This is called crafting. When you press the button for inventory, which varies from person to person (check your options to see what button it is for you), you will see 4 boxes by your character. You can create a crafting table by putting 1 wood plank in each box. You will see the crafting table appear in the box next it. Take it out, and place it in your inventory. Exit your inventory and take out your crafting table. Right-click to put it down, and right-click again to use. That's when you can use the wiki page.

    When you want to build something, simply make sure you have the material you want on hand, and right-click where you want it to be.

    An extra thing: You can customize what you look like. It's called a skin. Go to http://www.minecraftwiki.net/wiki/Skin to discover more :lol:
    http://www.minecraftwiki.net/wiki/Minecraft_Wiki will help you enormously. It covers anything and everything that has to do with Minecraft.

    Basically, the game is simple once you get the hang of it. Think of it as a virtual lego game where you build absolutely whatever you want, and even impossible creations.

    Please respect other players and our one rule when playing on our server :wub:
    Happy building!
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  2. pronoob.

    pronoob. New Member

    Minecraft 1.1

    + Bow Enchantments
    + New language translations.
    + Sheep eat grass and regain their wool
    + Added spawn eggs to creative (the colors of the eggs even look like the mobs)
    + Added world type options (currently only super-flat and default)
    * Golden Apple recipe
    * Slightly smoothed color transitions between biomes
    * Reduced brewing time to 20 seconds
    * Removed collision box from ladders
    * Bug fixing

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