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Guild with members

Discussion in 'World of Warcraft' started by chosen one, Jul 19, 2012.

  1. chosen one

    chosen one New Member

    So this is few things i hade in mind.

    So here is what i got in mind few qs and thoughs i hope all interested answer's.

    1. How many is willing to join in the guild, Also answer if u micrate max char or make new.
    (for those who micrate also include what class and spec so we done get all dps)

    2. What server, faction, and EU/US? if we go EU i can micrate my self also i wont micrate max char if we dont get atleast 5 members micrating lvl 85 char.

    3.Guild name coz i dont think its good idea to go with name fearless assassins.

    4. All guild members would get rank officer, and 1 with rank guildmaster.

    5.Recruiting we would try get people for raids in mop and ofc help leveling. i would ask people to apply on website but still would not invite all coz i dont like 9 year old kids crying all the time on loot :). it would be friendly mature guild for casual raids,leleving in mop, and fun time in bg.

    6.Just to make it clear this would not be expansion for our clan. It would be seperaten guild in wow for our members to play together and have fun. (Thats why diff name).


    For me i will micrate if we get more than 5 people me included with 85 chars.
    i got lots of chars to micrate but id prefer my shaman resto/ele.

    As for guild leader i never hade experience leading but ive been officer in irl guid with friends for year and leaded all raids.
    So if anyone got experience in leading guild would be great , ofc not forcing anyone to it but if we get volunteers.

    If u got anything to add or change in my text please post it :) this is just my thoughs
  2. Shagger

    Shagger New Member

    I completely agree, i also say we use the Vent server then or skype so we can check if our members truly are over a certain age. But yes i am for this idea, as i have stated before. We should think this through though, not do this as fast as we can. But i'll probably start over. (EU btw)
  3. ajnl

    ajnl one of the three stooges

    Vent would be better than skype.

    I'll move my lvl 85 Dk over to any server. DPS and possibly tank. I'm on US servers atm though, not sure if I can change to a European one?
  4. chosen one

    chosen one New Member

    sry AJ this is copyed from blizz FAQ

    Can I transfer characters from one region to another (i.e. moving North American characters to European realms or accounts)?

    No. Characters can only be transferred between realms and accounts in the same region.

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