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Real-time strategy games

Discussion in 'Other RTS Games' started by hellreturn, Jul 15, 2011.

  1. hellreturn

    hellreturn Administrator Staff Member

    I have added new section for real time strategy games :)

    Feel free to discuss about various games here and depending on popular ones, I will add new section for it :)
  2. Pegasus

    Pegasus New Member

  3. iDutch

    iDutch New Member

    That game looks quite interesting might try it out.
  4. krzys

    krzys New Member

    Strategy games are really boring for me.. Is that bad?
  5. Saizou

    Saizou New Member

    Not really related, but I think Command and Conquer series should be put in RTS section and not in RPG, also might be a good idea to add Starcraft 2 section as it's one of the more popular one this days.
  6. KrAzY

    KrAzY New Member

    i used to play a lot age of empires III, it was just awesome...now i was looking for new strategy game, tried out some, but they are so annoying boring and no fun at all
  7. iDutch

    iDutch New Member

    krazy try the new age of empires online in august
  8. KrAzY

    KrAzY New Member

    i already tried the beta version...too much cartoon :D
    maybe im gona try out civilization V
  9. chegax

    chegax New Member

    Lol i still play Age of Empires II :lol:
  10. Nazkar

    Nazkar New Member

    Age of Empires II is the best RTS and I always play to it, but Warcraft III have lots of fun maps : )

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