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Realm EU or US

Discussion in 'World of Warcraft' started by Shagger, Aug 6, 2011.

  1. Shagger

    Shagger New Member

    On which realm do you play (please add EU or US). Which class, spec and race do you play?

    I play on darkspear EU, tauren enhancement shaman lvl 34
  2. Artisan

    Artisan New Member

    At one time I played on Rexxar (US).. 80 aff/demo lock and 80 prot/ret pally
  3. Koiranpentu

    Koiranpentu New Member

    Anachronos EU:
    lvl 80 gnome dk
    lvl 85 nelf balance druid
    lvl 61 draenei fury/arms warrior

    Stormreaver EU:
    lvl 63 orc bm hunter

    + low level characters.
    Not playing anymore on Anachronos though. And I'm quite inactive..
  4. Shagger

    Shagger New Member

    Koiran i'm quite inactive too, my computer could run wrath with ease but cataclysm is a different story. Just to slow i guess, or my internet is to slow. I miss cable internet :lol:
  5. Koiranpentu

    Koiranpentu New Member

    I'm just a bit fed up with WoW. :wub: I dislike playing in Outlands and I want level with quests. :lol:
  6. Shagger

    Shagger New Member

    Outlands is the most boring place, i think i left there at lvl 67. Headed for NR as soon as possible :lol:
  7. General

    General New Member

    Are you guys KIDDING ME? Outlands was THE BEST! I might do the free trial up to 20 for a lil while..........
    But Everything past Burning Crusade blowed
    i wish my account got free time for as much time as ive paid for : /
    1 person likes this.
  8. Shagger

    Shagger New Member

    I know how you feel... I have the same problem but my pc is just so much crap. Really need a new one
  9. ajnl

    ajnl one of the three stooges

    Elune (US)

    Unholy/Frost Worgen Dk lvl 85 ilvl 388

    Arcane/Fire Gnome Mage lvl 85

    Resto/Feral NE Druid lvl 63

    Holy/Prot Human Pali lvl 69
  10. Raevyn

    Raevyn New Member

    Moon Guard US​

    85 Draenei blood/frost dk​
    85 Undead Sub Rogue​
    65 Blood Elf Blood/Unholy dk​
    60 Blood elf Protection Paladin​
    40 Human Survival/Marksman hunter​
    30 human sub rogue​
    19 undead sub rogue (twink)​
    15 human demo warlock​
  11. Shagger

    Shagger New Member

    Any EU people who i can ressurect? :D
  12. chosen one

    chosen one New Member

    Darkspear 85 Nightelf Hunter surv
    Darkspear 85 Nightelf Druid Feral(bear)

    Stormreaver 85 Goblin Shaman resto
    Stormreaver 85 Tauren paladin Prot
    Stormreaver 85 Troll priest Holy
    Stormreaver 85 Troll mage Fire
    Stormreaver 85 Belf War fury

    Jaedenar 85 Gnome rogue Sub
    Jaedenar 85 Draenei DK blood

    Lightbringer 85 human Warlock

    Boulderfist 85 tauren druid moonkin

    + 10 char between 10-84
  13. Marar4

    Marar4 New Member

    Well didn't play since i was hacked, but those are what i had:

    Azumeryst 80 draenai DK frost/blood
    Azumeryst 80 draenai shaman restoration

    Was hacked the day i bought cataclysm :/

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