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The Dark Knight

Discussion in 'Entertainment Movies / Music / Videos / TV Shows' started by Crasher, Jun 26, 2011.

  1. Crasher

    Crasher New Member

    It's a little late but I saw it last night on TNT channel.

    It was alright but I think people have heavily overrated it.. it seemed like an okay movie to me.
  2. JayC

    JayC New Member

    I like the jokers "Pencil Trick" :D
    The movie is ok, better than all the other crap batman movies.
    Heath Ledger and Christian Bale are pretty good in this movie.
  3. Crasher

    Crasher New Member

    I know it's better than most movies and I enjoyed it, i'm just saying its overrated by most.
  4. Joker

    Joker Moderator Staff Member Staff Member

    To me its underrated :D
  5. Crasher

    Crasher New Member

  6. General

    General New Member

    I never actually saw this movie, Only heard reviews, so it must be a good movie XD
  7. Pegasus

    Pegasus New Member

    this one supposed to be a dark film compare to other batman movies.. they did really good job on it. can't wait for the 2nd one.
  8. hellreturn

    hellreturn Administrator Staff Member

    I think new one is coming soon?
  9. Pegasus

    Pegasus New Member

  10. -=Medic=-

    -=Medic=- Administrator Staff Member

    I kinda like the story but also the picture and sound (thx to Christopher Nolan), you must see the bluray :wub: seriously C.Nolan just did a great job, the film deserves a viewing in HD on a large area.
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  11. hellreturn

    hellreturn Administrator Staff Member

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  12. Pegasus

    Pegasus New Member

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  13. Malokyte

    Malokyte New Member

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