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Windows Wallarium Tale -PC Game-

Discussion in 'Other RPG Games' started by KaSuM4eK, Sep 10, 2017.

  1. KaSuM4eK

    KaSuM4eK New Member

    Hello Friend. My name is John. I want to tell you about this project as Wallaruim Tale.

    Description: The plot revolves around the world, where the peaks of technological progress and mineral resource industry are achieved, but where this progress was lost because of devastating war and local catastrophe. People live in the area, where the landscape turned into mountain peaks, mantled all around with poisonous fume, which keeps numerous secrets and ruins of dead cities.

    The game itself is in the style of Steampunk RPG. This tells us what? The atmosphere and the time frame of the game: This is the Victorian era with fantasy modifications. Technology development of steam engines and magic in the same world. The architecture of the cities in half-Timbered style.




    The project is under development. Developers are asking 30.000$ For more progressive development. Details about the project: IndieGoGO Page

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