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What's your operating system ?

Discussion in 'OS Customization, Discussion and Support' started by hellreturn, Jul 15, 2011.


What is your primary OS ?

  1. Windows XP

  2. Windows Vista

  3. Windows 7

  1. hellreturn

    hellreturn Administrator Staff Member

    Wondering who uses which windows OS. Vote for the one which you use on daily basis.
  2. Artisan

    Artisan New Member

    W7.. albeit 32-bit so I'm not using all my RAM atm xD... too lazy to install 64 bit
  3. Pegasus

    Pegasus New Member

    I'm on the same boat..a few times I "ALMOST" reinstall to 64bit when my rig crashed..but ended up fixing it.
  4. Baska (PL)

    Baska (PL) New Member

    good old xp
  5. -=Medic=-

    -=Medic=- Administrator Staff Member

    Windows 7 ultimate 64Bits :wub:
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  6. iDutch

    iDutch New Member

    Windows 7 Ultimate 64 bit
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  7. General

    General New Member

    XP ROX MY SOX. no, i want win 7 but my dad just bitched about what if this isnt compatible o that and every other damn thing on the PC. And Artisan, buying Win7 32bit is useless over XP.
  8. snake92

    snake92 New Member

    Windows 7 Ultimate 64 bits
  9. Artisan

    Artisan New Member

    It was an upgrade from vista 32-bit (so I didn't have to back-up/re-install everything). Plus, as a student I get it for free - so I didn't buy it anyway! :wub:

    Eh, I may take the plunge and upgrade to 64 anyway - I need a fresh start, so much stuff on my PC at the moment x_x.
  10. General

    General New Member

    -.- Lucky. how did you get it free??/
  11. krzys

    krzys New Member

    Windows 7 looks nice, so i'm using that .
  12. KrAzY

    KrAzY New Member

    win7 64-bits

    is there much difference between ultimate, home premium and professional?
  13. -=Medic=-

    -=Medic=- Administrator Staff Member

    little table:

  14. Alexandra

    Alexandra New Member

    Windows 7 Home Premium 64-bit
  15. kristy

    kristy New Member

    Win7. Mac is bitch.
  16. Crasher

    Crasher New Member

    I'm the only one who voted Vista? Lol.
  17. pronoob.

    pronoob. New Member

    Windows xp.
  18. Baska (PL)

    Baska (PL) New Member

    Windows 7 Ultimate 64 bit
  19. DJ aka GDR DJ

    DJ aka GDR DJ don't ask, i know nothing Staff Member Staff Member

    donated by DJ :p
  20. Baska (PL)

    Baska (PL) New Member


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